Water educational trail

The starting point for the Osterwick water educational trail is the "Pfarrhausgräfte"; a small ditch around the Parish House. This small ditch around the Parish House is a good example of how people in the Münsterland protected their homes and farms from unwelcome guests in earlier times, making use of the water. But there are many other examples of the importance of water for people and the environment. This is exactly what today's water trail aims to show.


Exciting theme boards inform about:


Water as: Life insurance, marine habitat, pond, river and shore, hydropower and disasters, springs, water shortages and supplies.

But we want our little and big visitors to experience the water directly. Experimenters can use a pump well to feed a small dam, measure the water depth with a gauge and divert water with a scoop wheel. And you're sure to get your feet wet in the water treading pool.


You can find a water educational trail flyer here: www.dorfpark-osterwick.de

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